Welcome to KHL Design Studio! Take a look around as we showcase what our firm can do for you!

Interior Design sets the mood of your environment, creating an atmosphere where people want to spend their time. For a residential home the desired effect is a comfortable yet practical space that compliments your personal look and inspires the mind, while allowing you to decompress from day-to-day craziness.

For a commercial design project, the effect may be an efficiently designed space plan with features that interpret the company’s brand in the interior design. The desired look may be calming (for a spa, dentist, or medical office), energetic and lively (for a restaurant or nightclub), or sophisticated (for a corporate headquarters or law firm).

As a full-service interior design company, KHL succeeds in creating extraordinary, award-winning commercial and residential spaces. We will help you define the look that expresses your own personal style or corporate image. We guide you through each step of the design process to aid in executing a stunning and functional interior environment.

Focusing on transitional/modern/contemporary/eclectic design (among other looks), KHL will create a style that is distinctive to you. Our team’s goal at KHL is to collaborate and deliver on a space that embodies your ideals.

While the processes of launching a new project or renovation can often be daunting, KHL works with each individual to build trust and ensure a smooth and enjoyable interior design process. Our staff of experienced designers will develop a strategic plan for your project based on your needs, design goals, and budget.

We proudly and confidently provide the following services: Space Planning, Furniture Selection, Interior Decoration, Material and Lighting Design, Construction Documentation, and Installation of furnishings, art and accessories. We are excited to work toward your design vision and pride ourselves on meeting your project goals and budget.