Downtown KC Loft

Kansas City, MO

The West’s wanted a kitchen that combined their modern tastes with functionality, as well as one that reflected an entirely original design, using the breathtaking downtown setting as our backdrop. Read more on this custom kitchen below.

The client (and condo home owner) wanted a kitchen that combined their modern tastes with functionality, as well as one that reflected an entirely original design. Using the breathtaking downtown setting as our backdrop, we layered classic walnut, clean glass, and metal elements with a neutral blue color palette – resulting in an ultra-mod kitchen that would impress for years to come. From the beginning the kitchen was sought out as the main feature in the open concept condo. It was the area we wanted everyone to be drawn to, acting as our focal point when you enter the condo. Overall, the classic rule “less is more” certainly applied to this project.

Space planning was a vital aspect to this condo’s small kitchen. The back wall of cabinets was maximized for the client’s storage and functional needs. Due to constraints we could not change in the condo, the sink location from the previous kitchen layout was kept at the window. The “work triangle” of the sink, refrigerator and cooktop was carefully designed for maximum functionality and enables the client to host and face their guests as they cook from the island. High-end leather barstools, present a place for guests to sit. The selection and scale of furniture in correlation to the layout made for a flowing, yet functional entertainment space – something that was important to the client.

The client loved the idea of the island having a multi-level appearance, giving off the effect of transparency. The countertop was lifted off the base cabinets and in turn the bar top was lifted off the counter, creating eye-catching levels of waving quartz separated by stainless steel accents. For a large island, it feels light due to these floating planes at various heights. As a bonus the shimmering backsplash and glass cabinetry reflected scenes of downtown and really brought the city into the everyday activity of this condo.

In addition, there was a lot riding on the aesthetics of the kitchen. The client expected originality, innovation and stunning modern touches. The cabinet layout reflected long linear lines and symmetry. Using vertical doors and horizontal tip up cabinets in combination helped to create visual interest. The high-end Wolf appliances fell in to the background with custom cabinet fronts, helping us create a flawless face for the back wall…the kitchen and condo’s backdrop. We utilized back painted glass to face all the cabinet and drawer fronts of the back wall to give the kitchen a modern European feel. We worked with the cabinet fabricator and a custom paint shop to get the perfect glass finish – a subtle shimmery gold that glows through frosted glass. The finish is warm and translucent feeling. The glass also serves as a beautiful contrast to the other finishes including oiled walnut, metal backsplash and accents, and white quartz.

Minimalism, clean lines, classic wood tones and a calming neutral paint palette brought this kitchen home, resulting in a successful space that refreshes the family by day and dazzles by night.